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Chauffage au sol Underfloor Heating

An example of two different ways of installing the system under tiles. The first one is on a concrete base with insulation board.The second is on a wood base, for example: on a first floor of a property. Generally ground floors are made of concrete and first floors are wood floor over joists. As you can see, this system uses a heating cable (3mm), loose or on a mat, and is tiled straight over. The insulation tile backer board is always recommended to avoid heat loss in the sub floor, and speed up warm up times.

An example of installation under a wood floor or laminate with a concrete base, or with floor boards over joists. This system uses a carbon heating film over a 6mm Depron foam insulation. This insulation also act as an underlay for the wood/laminate floor so that you only have to use ours. It won’t raise your floor too much that way. As you can se the elements are very thin, less than one mm thick which is very good for renovation or for restricted floor heights. You also have a dielectric membrane / moisture barrier over the elements to protect them and to help the floating floor to be installed over the system. The wood floor can be laid straight over the system, no need for extra underlay.

This Installation is really ideal for new build. The thicker and more powerful cable (6mm) is designed to be buried in the screed or slab. The cable is simply fixed down on a metal reinforcing mesh, or a fixing strip can be supplied. Then cover it with the screed or concrete. This will act as a storage heating. If you want the same temperature all the time then this is the system you need. It will take longer to warm up but it will also keep the heat longer than the other systems. The big advantage of this system is that you can complete with any floor finish. These systems can take advantage of the off peak energy saving costs.

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